This documentary tells the story of Aaron and Nora Purmort, a young couple living and loving boldly in the face brain cancer.


Nora was surprised to get a call from Aaron’s work on Halloween in 2011. “Aaron has had a seizure,” said one of his co-workers. Nora called out the prank and asked to talk to Aaron. Except it wasn’t a joke. That night they found out that Aaron had a brain tumor. Surgery would shortly follow, along with the diagnosis of Grade 4 glioblastoma at 32 years old. Brain Cancer.


Sharing a hospital bed shortly after they decided to get married, and a few months later at the local art gallery where they first met, they shared their vows. Two and a half years passed, multiple chemo and radiation rounds, and against amazing odds they had a baby boy. Nora has shared their story through a blog she started soon after the events on Halloween. With raw transparency, Nora shares what it’s like to be staring death down and in turn, embracing the life and time we do have. Their lives and the writing that chronicles it is raw, emotional, inspiring and often hilarious.


Aaron passed away in November of 2014, 9 months into filming. The obituary he wrote with Nora captures their spirit and humor.


Their unique story and Nora’s writing have resonated with local audiences through articles and news stories, as well as global audiences through dozens of online and print publications such as TIME, The New York Times, USA today, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Jezebel and many others.


Anders Holine

Anders Holine is an Art Director and Filmmaker living in Minneapolis, Minnesota working in the creative and advertising industry. His skills span widely from graphic design to filmmaking to photography. His experience ranges from leading design teams to directing and filming advertisements for some of the world’s largest brands. This diverse and unique background allows for a unique storytelling approach for this project. Anders met Nora while working alongside her at an advertising agency in Minneapolis and became friends as this story has unfolded.


Mariko Yoshimura-Rank

Mariko graduated with a Film Production and Theory degree from Vassar College and since then, has worked with documentary and narrative filmmakers to develop and create content. Her involvement has ranged from working in a rental house to editing to assistant directing to producing. She worked at the film production company Werc Werk Works for over four years and now spends her days at the Walker Art Center. She also coordinates the Minnesota-centric television show, cineMN.


The film has started post production and editing as filming will wrap up this summer. The film will be submitted to festivals this fall with a hopeful public release date of spring 2017.


In order to craft the best possible story, we are looking for financial contributions in order to partner with talented individuals in the post production phase. If you are interested in helping bring this story to life, please donate through our fiscal sponsor, IFP Minnesota.